Sex in New Places – Adventure Sex

By | May 9, 2017

Has you sex life died or just got boring? Does it seem like the same old thing time after time? Is your love life in a rut? Are you ready to spice up your love life? Of course you are! What you need is to have sex in new places or as I call it adventure sex. Adventure sex is making love in new places. It’s trying new things and new positions. It’s doing things you’ve never done before in places that you’ve never done it.

Trade in that old mundane routine for something new and exciting. Make a list of different things you can do, and all the different places. To it in different ways, wear different clothes; adopt a brand new attitude toward variety. This will make your love life anything but dull and boring. What are some good ideas to spice it up? Be spontaneous. When you are spontaneous neither you or your mate will know what will happen next. Why? Because you are playing it by ear. You are making it up as you go. Sort of like professional wrestling, you make it up as you go but you know who’s going to win. But unlike wrestling in your love life you will both win. This is what

I call Mystery sex and with mystery sex the sky’s the limit. Surprise your wife when she’s not expecting it? Come behind her when she’s cooking dinner and make it special. Use your imagination to find special places to make love. Camp out in the back yard make love under the stars, then cuddle with each other and look up at the stars and take in all the beauty, the silence and the peacefulness. Share love in different places in your home. Make it in the basement, maybe on the weight bench or the washer. Try it on the basement steps. Do you have a tree house, if so put it to use. Got a pick up truck, make love in the back of it in your drive way. Do you feel a little tough make love in the rain in back of your truck or in your back yard. Do you live in a dark place with a lot of trees?

Make it on top of the house on the shady side at night, then enjoy the stars together. Is your back yard fenced in with a wooden privacy fence? Make it in the back yard in the sunshine on top of the picnic table or by the pool if you have one. Make love on the hood of your car in the garage or in a wooded area or in the back seat like the old teenage days. Share your love on a private beach with the roar of the ocean in the back ground. Make love in front of your fireplace on a cold winter’s night. Place some soft relaxing music like you would hear while getting a massage. Take a shower together, wash each other and start some erotic foreplay in the shower. Then take it to the bed room. Rent a motel room for weekend just to get away even if its just down the street. If you have a boat, make love on the boat. Go out in the middle where no one else can see you and turn up the intimacy. Sun on a naked body feels really great And it make you really hot, no pun intended. Try having making love driving down the highway. You can take turns driving and it doesn’t have to be intercourse. Try making love during a sunset or sunrise. Go out to a lake at night and make love by the waters edge, listen to the crickets and frogs. Hear the fish splash the water and the old hound dog baying way off in the distance. Fill your bedroom or bath room with scented candles, play some relaxation music similar to what you would use in a slow yoga stretching routine. Enjoy that hot bath together with her laying back on you with your arms wrapped around her as you cuddle to the flicker of the candles.

Put that kitchen table to use. Give a new meaning to eating at the table. Make videos of you two making love together and watch these together when you go to bed at night or as some thing stimulating when your planning on making love. You can get some good ideas of new things to do by watching your performance on tape. Go camping and make love by the roar of a camp fire. Having a thunder storm? use it to your advantage, make love.

Do you have a porch on your house, then make love on it. Hang some blankets over the rail for privacy, this works too on balconies at motels, hotels or where ever there are balconies. Feel adventurous? Try the fitting room of a clothing store or a public bathroom. If you have a large closet, now you have an excuse to clean it out, and a different place to make love.

This is a very small list of the places that you can make love and spice up your sex life. The article is meant to give you ideas to liven up that sex life and to put the love back in love life. So use your imagination, use your resources and your creativity and you can have a dynamite sex life that will keep you and your mate wanting more.